Where do you find the girls?
Girls are everywhere. The main thing to remember is that for the most part our girls are not professional models and actresses. These are girls living in small towns across the US and could even be living right next door to you. We pride ourselves in using amateur girls with professional camera crews to make them look their best.
I forget my username and/ or password, what do I do?
That's simple, just click on the link: CC Bill Support
This will take you to the actual page of the credit card company. Log in as much info as you have and they will give you the steps. You may not know your password but you will know things like your email address and credit card number. They will email your password back to you in what is usually just a few minutes.
How do I cancel my subscription?
This is also done at the credit card page by clicking this link: CC Bill Support
Feel free to email us at and give us any suggestions you might have for how we can improve our site. We take all these comments very seriously and are always looking for ways to improve.
Which internet browsers is your site compatible with?
All the major browsers work just fine. Right in our office we check out on Internet Explorer 9, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox. Remember that some older versions of Internet Explorer have trouble playing videos but if you go to the internet at Explorer Also the Apple browser Safari also is compatable with our site. If you have an unusual browser that won't play drop us a line at so our technicians can get to work on it for you.
Sometimes the movie I selected will pause (buffer). What can I do to stop this?
This pause means your internet connection is either slow because you get what you pay for or there might be an unusual amount of traffic at the moment which causes your connection to "buffer". It might work easier if until the traffic dies down you simply wait for your movie to start and then hit the pause button. Get up and grab a beer or go to the bathroom and by the time you return the movie will probably be buffered enough in advance to give you an un-interrupted viewing experience.